Cohen & Straschnov

‘Providing Superior Legal Services in the field of White-Collar Crimes, Financial Disputes and Civil Litigation’


Cohen, Straschnov & London is a boutique law firm that specializes in White-Collar Criminal Offences and serious Civil Matters. The firm consists of three named partners and other legal practitioners.


In order to provide our clients effective and unparalleled representation, we are selective and careful in choosing cases. Once we are signed on, we are unfailingly responsive to our clients’ needs, problems and obligations. Our combination of in-depth, interdisciplinary knowledge in criminal, economic and commercial law imbibes our firm with a unique and paramount advantage in our dealings with white-collar criminal cases. The extensive knowledge, experience and reputation that we have amassed over the years have equipped us with unmatched professional capabilities.


Over the years, our firm has represented several clients in cases concerning, inter alia, fraud, money laundering, securities, taxation, restraint of trade, executive and corporate offenses, security offenses, computer offenses, bribery, forgery, espionage and breach of trust. Furthermore, we offer in-depth legal counsel and opinions to companies, office holders, individual businessmen and independent professionals on managing and avoiding the risks and criminal exposures that they may encounter in the course of their regular dealings.


In the field of International Law, our office specializes specifically in the Law of Extradition, including all aspects of dispute resolution with the International Department of the Attorney General’s Office. We have experience and in-depth knowledge of Criminal Law and its dealings on the international level, in addition to the extradition treaties that Israel is a signatory to.


Our firm receives regular professional consultation from Judge (ret.) Amnon Straschnov of the Tel Aviv District Court. Judge Straschnov who is a former IDF Military Advocate General (rank Brigadier General) and a renowned expert in the field of International Criminal Law has and has judged some of the most serious criminal cases in the State of Israel.


The following are a few of the several prominent clients our firm has represented over the past years:



·      Israeli Prime Minister - Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu

·      Head of Lahav 433 Unit in the Israeli Police, Major General Roni Ritman

·      Former Israeli Secretary of State, General (Reserves) Adv. Dr. Avihai Mendelblit

·      Mayor of Ashqelon, Itamar Shimoni

·      Infamous Israeli singer Eyal Golan

·      One of the suspects in the "Holyland" case

·      Senior official in "El-Al"

·      Leading Israeli media figure Emanuel Rozen

·      Exclusive "Rolex" importers in Israel

·      Head of the Oncological Department in Poriah Hospital

·      CFO of National Labor Union of Israel

·      Deputy Mayor of Hadera


Composition of the Firm:


Attorney Eyal Cohen with 25 years of experience is the founder of the firm. Over the years, Attorney Cohen has established his name in the legal fraternity of Israel by representing a wide variety of clients in Criminal Courts and by dealing with countless legal issues.

He is a highly experienced attorney of law and has gained expertise in a wide array of legal issues in his career, ranging from crimes such as murder and espionage to white collar crimes such as bribery, forgery, violations of the Israeli Securities Act, violations of the Israeli Antitrust Act, tax evasion crimes, cybercrimes and so on. He has also played an instrumental role in complex extradition proceedings.

Under Attorney Cohen’s leadership, the firm has reached new heights of success and has established its name in Israel.


Attorney Ofir Straschnov with 16 years of experience has brought a wide array of skills to the firm. For a period of five years, he served as deputy chief prosecutor of the Central District and has dealt with a wide variety of criminal cases, including offences of bribery, fraud, obstruction of justice, and interference with the due process of law. Furthermore, he was a core member of the specialized team of prosecutors responsible for implementing the law against organized crime and submitted the first indictment of its type under the provisions of that law.






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